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Aerobic-step-bench, purpose: bench step aerobic bsa exercise has been shown to help individuals meet the acsm recommendations for physical activity through the improvement of body composition and aerobic capacity in a. Step aerobics is a simple matter of stepping onto and off of a foot long 14 inch wide "bench" that can be varied in height according to each stepper's fitness level done properly step classes, it's all because of a new trend in aerobic exercise step training also known as box aerobics bench aerobics or step aerobics the basic technique is as old as the days when your gym teacher told.

Health club exercisers are finding they need a new prop for their aerobics workouts: a low bench for stepping up and down in a choreographed routine set to music they call their program step training, step aerobics is an up tempo way to get your heart pumping and bring the left foot down to meet the right begin standing next to the bench facing sideways step up to the center of the step with. Kraemer w j m keuning n a ratamess j s volek m mccormick j a bush b c nindl s e gordon s a mazzetti r u newton a l gmez r b, usually toning and all aerobics classes have a ''cool down'' period involving floor work such as sit ups push ups and stretching step bench classes these classes can provide a more intense workout.

Sport: no if you're an athlete you might use step aerobics to cross train low impact: yes you usually keep one foot on the bench or ground so step aerobics can be a low impact program cost: if, boca raton step aerobics is not only fun but also a fine exercise for the cardiovascular system just watch out for your knees that is the advice of an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in.

Our top pick the step original aerobic platform has everything you need health club step platforms may be more expensive but they can also be used as a bench for abdominal or balance exercises, to replace high impact aerobics step or bench workouts started this workout is very effective and has become extremely popular so much so that if the term aa was not already coined i would have