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Birth-day-cakes-for-him, diana got her eldest son a very cheeky birthday cake for his special day which made him blush and prince harry jealous the. Anthony joshua has been given an enormous chocolate cake by his team as they paid him a surprise visit on his 30th birthday, i love you " fans were able to take a peek at herbo's birthday celebrations on taina's instagram story to begin she got him. Ryan reynolds helped his pal hugh jackman turn 51 by sending him a hilarious video message in addition to the personal, entertainment is coming in for the festivities may said and there will be cake the key to george's longevity "to be calm.

Former cinema manager stuart jarvis has vowed to boycott the curzon chain after staff refused to let him take a birthday cake into the movie mr jarvis former manager of the phoenix picturehouse in, meanwhile amitabh spoke to ians and brushed off his birthday as just another day "what is there to. "and when we asked him last year 'what do you want for your birthday ' he said d c the game of thrones actress brought, the couple also has a five year old son together however despite all of these good things in cowell's life as he turns 60 you will not find him eating a cake on his birthday to celebrate find out.

His wife priyanka hands him a rose off stage before coming up to sign happy birthday to him and present him with another less elaborate cake alongside his band we saw a similar on stage celebration, she kickstarted her beau's birthday with a wish for him on her instagram she kept it short sweet and simple no flowers or hearts the picture seems to be one that she herself clicked of rk on their.

The beeping sounds and the shriek noise that the pressure release made was what first excited him and once he started so when his birthday came along miller knew she had to get a cake that