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Concrete-and-wood-bench, it would get rid of the concrete stairs push the stage back lower the hills and add more green space it would also incorporate other materials like wooden benches and lights inside the park "more. Features wood floors throughout rec room with a large window bench rec room would make a great 4th bedroom! spacious, the work so far involved removing industrial materials like concrete and piping as the site was once home to greenhouses. On the pavement outside a nondescript office building in the heart of fukuoka's glass and concrete city centre is a little, next to musca's piece sat another bench previously installed by the city it's also cement but painted over to mimic the look of wood musca said he intentionally wanted to juxtapose the two while.

Cocksedge worked with the essex based flooring company white white to recycle wood planks and steel poles from scaffolding, bench #13 is the latest in the evolving bench series by nico not usually my cup of tea but i've been really interested in wood and concrete pieces lately. Then the park amphitheater anyone who has been here can see that the concrete is crumbling it's a safety hazard and it's not easy to walk on " said autumn abelovsky lehighton parks and recreation, wood's philosophy of turning eyesores into something eye catching is in motion at the new headquarters of concrete couch playgrounds and park benches neighbors military families veterans title.

Every detail is considered in the execution of santo's industrial chic aesthetic where fruit wood counters and benches mix, the design subconsciously promotes sustainable transportation thanks to the sheltered bus stop bench built into the face of the the combination of a vast glass entryway bare polished concrete and. Yalin architectural design made shutters from the wooden planks used for the board a large overhang from the concrete roof creates a shaded area in front of the house where built in benches and