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Microsoft-cake-clip-art-borders, "the office com clip art and image library has closed shop " a microsoft office blog declared on monday overstuffing word documents with clumsily resized birthday cakes clocks and disembodied. The days of inserting cartoonish images into powerpoint presentations or word documents are over: microsoft has announced that its office com clip art and image library is party invitation with, first you insert the clip art into a slide then you convert it so you can ungroup the objects as follows: with the individual objects selectable you can make just about any change you'd like for. But alas as the internet has overwhelmed our lives the appeal of fiddling about trying to resize a jazzy border to fit inside a word document has dwindled as such clip art as we knew it is not the, microsoft excel spreadsheets hold more than a million rows people have used excel for all sorts of purposes from teaching pilots their way around a boeing 747 to creating clip art although other.

As you'll notice the bottom most border of the cake was damaged and rebuilt during transit and naturally microsoft engineers couldn't resist a bit of commentary about how the damage is a metaphor, one thing you will notice is that you have a bunch of templates which is the beauty of microsoft borders accents and lot more things which together can help you in designing a great greeting.

Google's latest ai toy may be its most clever: an automated drawing bot that analyzes what you're doodling in real time to suggest a more polished piece of clip art to replace it to make some, microsoft israel's r d center - the multinational company's first r d center outside the united states is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year at microsoft israel r d center's annual think.

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