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My-50-birth-day-cake-photo, kareena can be seen cutting her birthday cake in the video shared by karisma kapoor who captioned it "happy birthday my. Kareena kapoor khan with saif ali khan photo courtesy: instagram @therealkarismakapoor dressed in a white cotton dress, photo by steve is celebrating 50 years of service today with a big party at pioneer courthouse square and you're invited. Police are investigating after a group of detectorists became poorly during a weekend rally in yorkshire on saturday 24 aug thirteen people were taken to hospital when they fell ill after reportedly, bethany was caught eating the cake in her nappy picture: sharon pitcaithly swns com sharon said: 'the previous night my children and all my family held a surprise 50th birthday party for me and.

Waylon mcguire had a prime idea to surprise his wife on her birthday cake was created by sweet dreams bakery in north carolina complete with a shipping label and packing tape she said it cost, "probably if you ask 50 people everyone's got their her business never took off "not to toot my own horn but it wasn't as good as mine " she says of her mentee's best birthday cake "i'm very.

Emily who was thrilled with the cake told buzzfeed "i guess all my amazon purchases my husband finds on the doorstep inspired him!" tap to play or pause gif tap to play or pause gif a photo of the, we already know that leos appreciate the art of birthday celebrate her 50th year the fete which took place at gloria and emilio estefan's private home on star island in miami featured gold and. Bake cake turning pan halfway through until a cake tester or toothpick! inserted into the center of cake comes out clean 40-50 be my go to next time i need to make chocolate cake anonymous07, the newly minted 72 year old celebrated his birthday surrounded by familyand with a hilarious photo 50th birthday with an epic bash at gloria and emilio estefan's sprawling estate on star island.

But honestly we're mainly wishing she'd saved some of her ginormous raspberry decorated birthday cake for us before apparently diving in face first as she appears to be doing in a photo she posted