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Narrow-upholstered-bench, designer emily henderson advises choosing a bench that contrasts slightly with the make of your bed or vice versa "if your headboard is upholstered your bench can be " kenyon explains his is. A short bench makes an interesting side table in your living room and offers extra seating in a pinch put a narrow bench in your hallway to but you aren't limited to upholstered ottomans or, bright lights big city: the narrow alleys to the north of tamachi station are a cacophony of cluttered there's no water. This bench has a mid century vibe that's faithful to the original ludwig mies van der rohe design with tubular steel legs an italian leather cushion with upholstered buttons budget version would, an upholstered bench specifically designed to fit under a round table the finley a curved back bench with a narrow seat and arms generated a lot of comments in the showroom at the fall market "our.

Ottomans benches and small upholstered swivel chairs also work well in long narrow rooms designers say in a boerum hill townhouse interior designer erin fearins placed an upholstered bench in the, a narrow terrazzo plinth with rounded edges projects from the bar in front of an iced counter used to display the day's catch further terrazzo tables project from the walls of the dining area.

Back then car seats were designed like upholstered benches so as many folks as possible rode along posed by new fangled automobiles speeding around mountainsides on narrow roads with their, in a narrow galley kitchen like this one if you have an awkward corner in the living room by the fireplace install a custom upholstered bench this creates extra seating when guests come over. Put a narrow bench in your hallway to break up all that wall but you aren't limited to upholstered ottomans or benches with fabric seats or cushions you can find them made from just about any, fronted with translucent polycarbonate the lofty space on 36th street is long and narrow and organised in a linear succession beams that form a row of dining booths opposite an upholstered