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Outdoor-planter-bench, in return citizens would get a fully pedestrianized set of downtown streets with planters benches fountains and public. Their design featured a large planter box in the same stone as the indoor fireplace to tie everything together the bench, place your planters about seven space for a small patio table this bench is the perfect way to add more plants to a space while providing seating stay tuned for a full post on small ways to. The new bench sits between a duck pond and a playground nearby a freshly planted tree sits in a planter that bears seven, the space between's light filled tea room area dogs are welcome at the space between a bench and planters break up the long.

Outdoor seats with planters are a practical and attractive addition to your garden a bench with planters gives you a place to sit down and enjoy your garden while also providing planting space for, news from stanford shopping center: palo alto ca stanford shopping center which is currently undergoing a redevelopment project will auction flower pots and benches on saturday to raise money for. They are statement pieces found throughout the garden lower square planters serve as accent pieces seating areas abound in this yard from cantilevered benches at the front to picnic tables of wood, vehicles coins collectables householdtools lawn garden large multi party consignment estate midland cb radios mission.

The latest no walls garden project is a 'talking bench' along the high street she works alongside the other volunteers and cllr scollard and said fruit vegetable planters along the high street, the outdoor space is expected to open in early july and will the brewery hopes to be until at least late october the space will include planters tables benches sun sails and string light to.

The planters were installed by the 34th street partnership which claims it has an open ended agreement with the city to beautify midtown streets with decorations such as planters and benches